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Posted May 27



DoSomething is one of the world’s largest organizations for young people and social change. is one of the world’s largest organizations for young people and social change. We have the stability of a 23-year-old institution, but we look, feel, and operate like a tech-forward startup. We are way more fun than wherever you’re working at right now.

Part of our core infrastructure is an event-driven system built around RabbitMQ as the message bus. We have close to three million SMS subscribers and 2.5 million email subscribers, and process their messages with in-house technology. Messaging and events are central to what we do.

We’re looking for a seasoned software engineer who loves architecting transactional and event-driven systems, and is also ready to manage a small team.

Our team: is almost half tech: 22 out of 54 staffers. We have 14 people writing code. We’re a diverse team, and know our diversity makes us better technologists. We are collaborative, productive, and enthusiastic coders working with Node, PHP (Laravel & Drupal), RabbitMQ, React, Drupal, bash scripts, MongoDB, and more.

How we work:

  • All of our code is open source and on GitHub. We work with GH Issues and pull requests. Every PR is peer-reviewed.
  • We deploy often. We do it through Slack (ChatOps!) using our Hubot friend, George. We continuously integrate with Jenkins and Wercker. We host in AWS and Heroku.
  • We maintain quality with unit and functional testing, but we’re constantly trying to improve here. We monitor with New Relic, StatHat, Runscope, and Ghost Inspector.
  • We’re always looking for better ways to work, and end each sprint with a retrospective.

What you should have:

  • 4+ years in developing software in commerce, finance, or other transactional systems.
  • 4+ years working on teams of developers.
  • Developer-fu: You’re fantastic in at least one language, and productive in several. You can name some design patterns off the top of your head, for both application and messaging architectures, and talk about when and where you’ve used them. You’ve built a RESTful API endpoint and fault-tolerant RESTful service integrations. You recognize and advocate for clean code.
  • Collaboration: You can communicate and collaborate outside of the engineering team — with the messaging product manager, as well as with peers across the organization.
  • Architecture: You’ve worked in larger systems, and built or integrated into event-driven architectures. You know when a queue is a useful mechanism. You’ve designed for scale, and for non-serialized processing. You can set a team towards a solution by proposing a useful pattern or approach and delegating. (You can delegate.)
  • Management: You don’t see yourself as pure technical track for the rest of your career. Even if you haven’t done it much, you love mentoring and shaping careers as much as getting your hands in the code, and are excited to balance the two. (You’ll start with 1-2 engineers to manage.)
  • Open source: You have a GitHub profile, and may have some interesting things there. Even if your whole career has been on private software, you’ve contributed to open-source projects. You know how to contribute and manage contributor workflow in a modern VCS.
  • Causiness (not a word): You believe in and the power of young people. You want a great career in tech, and part of that means knowing that your work contributes to a greater good. You’re not satisfied with using your powers just to get more people to click on a button, or increase ad revenue.


  • Your cover letter should be no longer than 100 words.
  • We have great perks! 3 weeks vacation plus the week between Christmas and New Years (plus Summer Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor day – office closes at 1:30) fun office environment, a spot on our summer kickball team, occasional brownie bake-offs. Plus, you don’t have to come to work on your birthday.
  • is an equal opportunity employer (Although we do reserve the right to discriminate against people who wear white socks with dark shoes…)

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